Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Anker eufy Home Vac H11 Pure, Ultra-Lightweight 1.3lbs, 5500Pa Suction Power, Ozone


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Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Description

Lightweight and Compact: Completely cordless, weighing just 1. 2lbs, and being roughly the size of a wine bottle. Cleaning is made effortless and storage is made simple. Dust Devouring Suction: With 5500Pa of power, you can suck up every spec in seconds when the everyday mess is made. Every Nook and Cranny Covered: Use the 2-in-1 crevice tool to reach into the deepest corners of your sofa or under low-lying furniture. Micro USB Connectivity for Convenient Charging: Simply use a USB charger anywhere in your home and charge with ease.

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Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Anker eufy Home Vac H11 Pure, Ultra-Lightweight 1.3lbs, 5500Pa Suction Power, Ozone

  • Move with Freedom, Clean with Style: Cordless Handheld Vacuum HomeVac offers sleek yet practical solutions for your everyday cleaning needs. Each lightweight and cordless vacuum is built for efficiency and mobility. The critically acclaimed designs ensure HomeVac fits seamlessly into any room.
  • Ideal for Everyday Mess: Weighs just 1. 3lbs but packs a punch! Quickly grab and tackle an accidental mess using the 5500Pa suction power.
  • Ozone Air Purification The built-in Ozone air purifier allows you to take your cleaning to the next level. Simply place it in your closet or in small areas and freshen up the environment. While using the Ozone function please ensure that no people or pets are within the immediate vicinity.
  • Convenient Charging and Suction that Lasts: Simply use a USB charger anywhere in your home and charge with ease. Enjoy up to 13 minutes of max suction cleaning time or 15 air purification sessions from a full charge. Ensure Cordless Handheld Vacuum HomeVac is placed in a stable upright position and is on a flat surface while charging or in storage.
  • Simple Maintenance, Efficient Cleaning: The washable high-efficiency filter ensures minimal maintenance and improved performance.
  • Designed for Comfort and Control: The sleek, non-slip design allows for comfortable and precise handling.
  • Suitable for Delicate Surfaces: Use the brush on the 2-in-1 crevice tool when a softer touch is required.
  • Hard-to-Reach Crumbs: Use the extension nozzle on the 2-in-1 crevice tool to reach into the deepest corners of your sofa or under low-lying furniture.
  • Pet Hair to Breadcrumbs: Suck up hair and everyday mess using the default nozzle.

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10 reviews for Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Anker eufy Home Vac H11 Pure, Ultra-Lightweight 1.3lbs, 5500Pa Suction Power, Ozone

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  1. GmaPeg

    Handy in the kitchen, or any small spaceI have purchased 3 of these, one for myself and two for friends. We all love them. Their small size makes them handy in the kitchen where storage space is often limited. One friend uses hers on their boat. The price makes them very affordable as a gift too.

  2. Sook

    Great – so light and convenientIf you want an ultra light, convenient vacuum for extremely light pick up – small crumbs, an insect carcass or two, etc. this is PERFECT. I have other cordless vacs but as light as they are, they are still heavy, I have to take the floor attachment off and attach the handheld so it’s a bit inconvenient. It’s so convenient to have a vac like this. It’s equivalent to grabbing a quick pencil when you want to jot something down – you’re just grabbing your vac that’s ready to go. Battery life is decent for the size, strength is decent for the size. If you go in knowing this is just for a quick pick up – don’t use it to clean out your car – this is fabulous.

  3. Alice

    Nice functionIt do takes hours to get full charge of battery and only used for about half an hour. But it satisfied my expectation. I just use it to clean the pet hair. It works well for me!

  4. Beth

    Great for Little Messes!The Anker eufy Home Vac is perfect for cleaning up little messes. I keep it stored in my car so when the dog gets out I can clean up his fur right away. The vac can be charged with a use cord. The units stays charged for a fair amount of time.

  5. Jessica

    Delivered used and dirty and brokenBeware–you might get a used vaccum that is dusty and filled with dirt and grass. I am guessing it was returned because you can’t even open the top to discard of the trash inside, but it should have never sent back out again. Is there no quality control? Checking why and what condition something was returned in? It looks like a decent powerful little unit, so I requested a replacement unit. Let’s hope that I get a NEW one that actually OPENS and works!

  6. Jessa

    Unfortunately the battery life is so bad! I don’t know if I got a defective model or what but I am returning it for a refund. I turned it on to test it out and it died within maybe 3 minutes? I figured okay, I didn’t charge it right out the box so that’s probably why and I charged it all day waiting for the led light to indicate a full charge but it only went to a middle of a charge.

    After almost a day I took it off the charger and thought maybe the led indicators were faulty and the battery could work but after vacuuming under just 2 couch cushions it died again! That was less than 10 minutes and probably closer to 5.
    I wish I could say good things about this product but I can’t so I am going to return it and unfortunately try a different brand of handheld vacuum. I have heard eufy is a good company but apparently not the best with these 🙁

  7. Tsz

    So perfect for small areas!This is a great product for small areas! Works really well for tables, chairs, countertops, etc. I have cats and they are constantly making a mess.. this is great for around their litter box. It’s nice to have in the house for a quick clean up. I’ve also been using it on stairs occasionally. The quality is really good and it’s a practical product! It’s great to store in a small apartment and the charging cord is tiny! It’s lightweight and easy to carry around the house for small messes.

  8. ChronicPain

    Clean small space well!I am a fan; this vacuum works FANTASTIC on small areas. I use this on my son’s car seat to pick up crumbs and the suction is powerful. I also use it for his high chair and it works absolutely wonderful for those small areas however I would not use this vacuum on big areas because it gets full very fast. It’s lightweight and uses a micro USB cord for charging it. It takes a while to be fully charge but last for a while after it’s done. It looks very beautiful and nice to have around.

  9. Cynthia

    GreatSmall but mighty! This little vacuum is great. First I love the hand held size i am able to go around the floor at the baseboard and get everything plus up in the wall corners. The air purifier is a big plus works great. I also like that I can just sit it on the shelf and grab it fast to pick up a quick mess. It has really good suction. Turns on and off easy.

  10. Danielle

    Works amazingI got this so I could have Alittle hand held sweeper to use around the house. This works so good its rechargeable its got a purifier to purfie small spaces. It is very easy to clean and the filter you can just wash it right off if it’s really dirty. Also the charge last about 3 to 4 days I couldn’t believe somthing so small could work so good. It comes with the USB cord but you do have to have the box to plug it in the it does not take long at all to charge either. This is the best mini handheld I’ve ever had.

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