Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner 20-Volt HART (Battery Not Included)


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Handheld vacuums can go where bigger vacuums cannot. HART’s Cordless Hand Vacuum 20V powerful suction makes it easy to suck out crumbs from those hard-to-reach areas between cushions or dirt from under car seats not to mention pet hair stuck to just about everything.

It also comes with useful attachments such as the pivotal crevice tool that makes cleaning tight spots easier. Onboard accessory storage conveniently keeps attachments within reach. If you happen to have a spare 20V battery hanging around, just snap it in anytime for endless runtime.

Other innovations include a dual filter design for longer-lasting performance, a wide nozzle for large debris pickup, and an easy-to-empty dust cup. Weighing in at 2 lbs, this compact model is easy to maneuver and easy to store. And to keep your hands fatigue-free, we added a lock-on switch for extended runtime and a textured rubber over-mold grip for added comfort.

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Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner 20-Volt HART (Battery Not Included)

  • Powerful suction makes it easy to suck out crumbs between cushions
  • Compact design is easy to maneuver
  • Dual filter design for longer-lasting performance
  • Wide nozzle for large debris pickup
  • Easy-to-empty dust cup
  • Lock-on switch for extended runtime
  • The Pivot crevice tool makes cleaning tight spots easier
  • Rubber over-mold grip for added comfort
  • Onboard accessory storage for user convenience
  • Set includes: Cordless Hand Vacuum, crevice tool, dust brush, and owner’s manuals
  • One battery powers all HART 20V tools

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10 reviews for Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner 20-Volt HART (Battery Not Included)

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  1. CurlyC

    Fantastic hand vacuum!Many years ago, I had a wonderful hand vacuum. You know, one of the original brands – the one that busts dust? It was fabulous. It had fantastic suction for such a little thing. When that one wore out, I got another one of the same brand. It looked the same, but it didn’t work the same. It had no suction. So I gave up on hand vacs at that point. I just thought, “They don’t make them like they used to” and moved on.

    Enter this little HART model. Wow! I’m so glad I decided to try this one after so many years. It is just as good as my first one in terms of being easy to grab and use and having plenty of suction power. In fact, I think it may be better. I love that it has a large capacity holder for the dirt, so it won’t have to be emptied that often. I like that it’s clear so I can see when it’s time to empty it. The removable filter is great, and easy to remove and clean. The furniture brush and crevice tool attachments are useful and make every little mess easy to deal with. Being cordless is a big plus too. I have a stick vac that can be taken apart to make a hand vac, but it’s corded. It’s such a pain to dismantle it and unwind the cord, I hardly ever use it that way. This HART hand vac is a winner.

  2. WHOA

    Super Strong SuctionHart multi use cordless handheld vacuum kit may be used inside the car or throughout the house. This lightweight vacuum has powerful suction that enables it to collect dust, hair and small items in seconds. The kit includes a dust brush and a crevice tool that allows for the vacuum to clean hard-to-reach areas. The detachable filter makes it easy to collect and empty dust, hair and trash. The filter is sturdy and durable. A 20-Volt 1.5 Ah Lithium-Ion battery with charger is included. Vacuum maintenance is quick and simple-just shake or brush the filter to clean it. Instructions indicate the filter may be washed if needed however, I have not washed the filter yet.

  3. SoCalMeegal

    Awesome suction!I’ve had other rechargeable wireless handheld vacs before, and they suck- no pun intended. But yeah those other hand held vacs suck at sucking stuff up. Even just vacuuming a car, they have about as much force as a blow dryer.
    This little guy is supercharged though! It’s as strong as a full corded vac. It honestly compared to my corded shop vac when it came to vacuuming out my car- besides having to empty the canister between the front seats and back seats. But it’s great that there’s no cord, for those quick touch up jobs.
    This week I started using it around the house too. It charges fully, after a couple hours. And I use it to pick up dust bunnies on the mini blinds, along the stairs, behind the media cabinet. It’s great! 5 stars!
    Oh and it came complete with the battery and charger, which I switch out with my battery for my chainsaw, which is handy.

  4. bxbx

    A bit on the heavy sideThis is a rather powerful hand-held. The battery lasts a long time and can be used on other devices of the manufacturer. The vacuum comes with a brush and a crevice tool and I used it on spilled cat food and it worked great. I also used it on some ash from the wood stove and it “held on” to the fine ash. It is also easy to empty out. I like it. The only drawback is the weight, once the battery is attached it becomes rather heavy. Pointing down is okay, holding up for a period of time becomes difficult. I am 62 with some arthritis.
    The vacuum is rather solid and sturdy and works great and I expect many years of use.

  5. TellingItLikeItIs

    Hart hand vac with 1.5 Ah battery and chargerThe battery took approximately 3 hours to charge. The charger has a light system to explain what is going on and the guide to explain what the blinking means, is on the charger. Nice to see that Hart did a great job there. So, once fully charged, I took it out to my Jeep Renegade and put it to the test. It picked up dog hair, ashes, and fine rocks by using the included brush and crevice tools. Also a nice feature is that these stack inside one another. Also very nice of Hart to do. Now the battery held out for me for about 35-40 minutes then stopped. During that time I did empty the filter and cleared the inner heppa style filter 3 times..remember I mentioned small rocks and dog hair, well as it started to weaken I cleared the filter and it took right back off with decent suction again after clearing the filters. I was done after the time it stopped. In total I was pretty impressed. It again took about 3 hours to charge. This has great suction and to me decent battery life. Also, it feels decent to the hand and to get into the floor boards and under the seat imo. I really recommend this mighty little vac.

  6. JLynn

    Mostly goodThis vacuum overall is very good, and I believe will be fantastic for certain situations. It has amazing suction, and the tools make it easy to clean with. It is very lightweight especially considering the battery. The filter is ridiculously easy to clean, the dirt just comes off in the shape of the little sections of the filter. However the filter does need to be cleaned often or the suction definitely suffers. The major downfall is that the cleaning period is short (15 mins most) for the length of time it takes to charge (approx. 3 hours). Also it is pretty loud for such a small machine. However, I definitely recommend this for jobs such as cleaning stairs, baseboards, windowsills etc.

  7. SoKateLvr

    Cleans well, great designRight out of the box, the cordless Hart hand vacuum is a great tool for the house. The battery pack snaps into the unit and can be charged separately. It is a very convenient feature for me, no need to struggle with trying to charge the whole unit. The design is very cool, is not too heavy and it comes with a couple of nozzles to support a wide variety of vacuuming tasks. The nozzles snap into the main unit without requiring much effort from the user.

    When I put it to the test, I was impressed with the suction. I tested it on the car floor mat. As we all know, the mat can be very dirty, much worse than your house carpet or floor. It pretty much sucked all the dirt except maybe a few that were really stuck to the car floor mat. Inside the house, it did a much better job. I recommend this vacuum for ease of use, good price and ability to clean well.

  8. Sparky

    Works great but not quite as advertised.Nice to have tools that use the same battery like the old VersaPak line I had 20 years ago. If Hart tools comes out with cordless vacuum similar to the Floorbuster I will buy one. It was disappointing that the crevice tool was not a flip out type like stated in product description and there is no way to attach the crevice tool or brush to the vacuum which was also stated in the product description. The wall mount is only for the vacuum which to me means it is easier to lose or misplace the attachments since they can’t be stored on or with the vacuum when you hang it up after using it. On the good side I was surprised how well the brush attachment worked on the Hart at cleaning out my pet beds. The Shark which this replaced had a motorized brush-roll which would clog up with hair and did not get the corners of the bed clean. I also spilled some dry cat food in my trunk and the Hart was able to suck it all up without having to unload all the junk in my trunk. The Shark was not powerful enough to do that. Great that the filter is washable so no worries about tracking down a new filter latter on. The Hart is the only other hand vac I am aware of besides the Ryobi that uses the same battery for tools as well and the Ryobi cost more.

  9. gimmieadeal

    3 hours to charge battery!This little hand vacuum is compact and lightweight and comes with hardware to hang it on a wall. It is very powerful. The crevice tool works really well for getting into those tight hard to reach spaces. Also comes with a brush attachment. After fully charging the battery, I went out to my husband’s truck to try it out for the first time. I ran the vacuum for 30 minutes uninterrupted and it stopped. I put the battery on the charger and it took 3 hours to charge. Three hours for a half an hour of use does not seem practical. I do like the fact that the battery is interchangeable with other Hart tools. I was hoping this little vacuum could replace the giant shop vacuum I presently use for vacuuming out our cars but with only half an hour of runtime, I don’t think that’s going to be the case. It would however, be handy for touch-ups and cleaning up small messes as they occur but not so much for deep cleaning. It is great for cleaning the tracks in my patio doors and for picking up insects.

  10. Bob

    20V hand VacThe pro’s are light weight and a great battery. The con’s are not enough suction. It did pick up a lot of really small rocks off of the rubber floor mats and out of the door gaskets and dust out of the cup holders but that’s about it. I even tried it out without the filter in place but still not a lot of vac power.

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