Printer Cartridge Canon Inkjet PG-245 Black


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Experience crisp, smudge-resistant professional quality text with the PG-245 Pigment Black Ink printer cartridge. Designed with FINE (Full Photolithographic Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology, your documents will realize added sharpness, detail and quality.

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Printer Cartridge Canon Inkjet PG-245 Black

  • Dye based ink formulation for beautiful colors
  • Genuine Canon Ink ┬áPrinter Cartridge allow free access to exciting exclusive content via Creative Park Premium
  • FINE (Full Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) Technology
  • Color: Black

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10 reviews for Printer Cartridge Canon Inkjet PG-245 Black

3.3 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. Hazel

    Bless Everyone at Walmart!I like the fact that I can depend on Walmart to deliver or have what we need. Since the kids are online, they need ink to print most of their work. When we run low, Walmart has us covered. Thank you for your fast service and supplies!

  2. IloveWalMart

    Make sure you have the correct cartridge!Make sure you purchase the correct cartridge. There’s a 245XL that may confuse shoppers like it did me. If you have the old print cartridge please verify before buying and opening the package. I have a 245XL I can’t return due to opening the package. You can also purchase from Cannon and have the option to purchase more than one.

  3. Scarboro Shopper

    AvailabilityWhen I have trouble finding products locally or on other shopping sites, I refer to Walmart Online Shopping and have never been disappointed to fine the merchandise I need. Ususally the cost of the item is very reasonable. Lately the ink cartridges have been pretty scarce so I ordered 3 packages to avoid panicking in the future.

  4. mrsship

    Canon inkI have searched for the best value for the ink and I found that Walmart was the best and I have been using the ink with no problems for the last 2 weeks or so. I would definetly buy this again.

  5. THEItalianStallion

    Pretty good printer, but—Canon makes excellent products in all lines, i.e., cameras, printers, copy machines, etc, so I have nothing but respect for the quality of its products.

    This printer is light, has a small footprint, does a good job of printing, copying, and scanning. However, the area where the ink is accessible and for cleaning is not big enough for a big man’s hands. My hands are medium size, and I can pretty much get in there, but with a little difficulty.

    The software that came with the printer is, um, well, it certainly could be improved. I think there are too many “cute” icons and options. Not enough “productive” options, like for doing some serious work. If my main interest was printing greeting cards, collages, albums, etc., it would suit me just fine. But for someone whose main interest is productive work, the options are much fewer.

    Overall, though, it is a good printer, and (repeating myself) it is light, easy to move around, and does not take up a lot of desk space.

    That is why I gave this four stars instead of five. I definitely would recommend this printer to a friend.

  6. Katherine

    Could not find correct size whe
    n I needed it.
    Wrong size for the printer I bought. Cannon printer not good. Described as piece of trash by previous purchaser . Staples doesn’t sell the ink it needs.

  7. naysgram

    Too little inkThe quality of the ink is great, but there is so little ink, that you are constantly buying more. As soon as you print one page, the ink level is moving down, down, down.

  8. jyotika

    The ink cartridge was not full. It was empty like 1/4 part. This is the first time we checked as our black ink was getting empty fast without being used more times. If we are paying full price we need the cartridge to be full of ink not empty

  9. MkEG

    DO NOT BUY THE PRINTER THAT TAKES THIS CARTRIDGEI bought the printer that uses this cartridge at my local Wal Mart because I needed a cheap printer for occasional light printing purposes. While the printer is cheap, the cartridges are outrageously expensive and you get practically no ink. That is if you are lucky enough to find the cartridges in the first place. Wal Mart DOES NOT stock the cartridges in store, you have to order them online. DON’T BUY THE CANNON PRINTER THESE FIT. Before you purchase any printer, regardless of price, make sure the ink is stocked in store and reasonably priced.

  10. raviraja

    Cartridges are very expensivePrinter is cheap, but the cartridges are very costly and does not print even 100 pages. I am thinking of not buying these cartridges and printer in future.

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