Canon PIXMA MG2522 Color Inkjet Printer Wired All-in-One [USB cable included], White


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Meet the Canon PIXMA MG2522 Wired Inkjet Printer, a simple printer for your home printing needs.

Print page after page with the Canon PIXMA MG2522 —

this Canon color inkjet wired printer makes it easy to print documents and even supports optional XL high-capacity ink cartridges so you can print more and replace inks less often.

The Canon PIXMA MG2522 wired inkjet all-in-one color printer fits perfectly on a desk and it is lightweight enough to move from one place to another if needed.

It can be used in the home, office, dorm and more to print, copy, and scan documents— with a paper tray capacity that holds up to 60 sheets of plain paper.

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Canon PIXMA MG2522 Color Inkjet Printer All-in-One 

Canon PIXMA MG2522 color inkjet printer All-in-one wired is ideal for use in the home, office, dorm room and more.

• Requires USB cable, included in box

• Paper tray capacity of 60 sheets of plain paper

• Print, scan, copy with ease

• Scanner maximum resolution: optical, 600 x 1200 DPI

• Print speed up to: black, 8.0 ipm, color, 4.0 ipm

• Works with 2 Canon FINE ink cartridges

Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer:

• OS COMPATIBILITY: Works with Windows and Mac only. Not compatible with Chromebook.

• INK COMPATIBILITY: Canon FINE Ink Cartridge & Fill Volume:

• PG-245 Black 8.0 ml (Std) / 12.0 ml (XL)

• CL-246 Color 9.0 ml (Std) / 13.0 ml (XL)

• PG-243 Black 5.6 ml

• CL-244 Color 6.2 ml

• PRINT SPEED (up to): Black: ESAT: Approx. 8.0 ipm and Color: ESAT: Approx. 4.0 ipm

• PRINT RESOLUTION (UP TO): Color: Up to 4800 x 600 dpi and Black: Up to 600 x 600 dpi

• PAPER SIZES: 4 x 6, 5 x 7, Letter, Legal, U.S. #10 Envelopes

• PAPER COMPATIBILITY: Plain: Plain Paper, Glossy: Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, Photo Paper Glossy; and Other:


U.S. #10 Envelopes

• PRINTER FEATURES: Document Printing, Photo Printing, Quiet Mode, Red-Eye Correction, Special Filters

• OUTPUT TRAY CAPACITY: Rear Paper Tray: 60 Sheets of Plain Paper OR 20 Sheets of 4 x 6 Glossy Photo Paper


Canon Pixma MG2522 Copier:
• Copy Speed (up to): FCOT (Color): Approx. 31 seconds
• Copy Features: Standard Copy

Canon Pixma MG2522 Scanner
• Scanner Type: Flatbed
• Scanning Element: Contact Image Sensor (CIS)
• Max. Resolutions: Optical: 600 x 1200 dpi (Optical) and Interpolated: 19,200 x 19,200 dpi (Interpolated)
• Scanner Features: Auto Scan Mode
• Color Depth: 48-bit Internal / 24-bit External
• Max. Document Size: 8.5 x 11.7

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10 reviews for Canon PIXMA MG2522 Color Inkjet Printer Wired All-in-One [USB cable included], White

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  1. SoldieroftheMostHighGod

    Great printer for home!!!I really like this Canon all in one inkjet printer. First of all, it was super easy to set up and install. It is very light weight and it printed everything I needed it to do fantastically with ease. Also, it came with the USB cord, ink cartridges, and a pack of paper—easy, ready to use and convenient. I did have slight resistance when inserting the ink cartridges for the first time, but once they were installed, everything was fine. I also experienced the printer pulling extra paper when trying to print, so a blank sheet came through with the print job. However, all work that I wanted to print came out looking great. It is a bit noisy when printing, but otherwise, it is a great household or school printer. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product.

  2. Adeline

    Small but mightyI didn’t have high hopes for this product but it exceeded my expectations. My HP printer broke so this came just in time. I’m not a computer person but after a few minor issues setting it up (read the letter that comes with it for the model number) it was good to go. The Canon print quality was as good as the HP. The only draw back with the Canon is that it’s not wireless. It has to be connected to your computer so you’ll need space for both items on a desk/table because the cable isn’t that long.

  3. Amiller

    Great printerWith school starting and my boys doing distant learning a printer was definitely needed. I’ve always been a fan of Canon products and was so glad to put the Canon Pixma MG2522. It came packaged good and easy to take out. The instructions was very simple and easy to understand. Setting it up only took a few minutes. I have used it numerous times & my teenagers has as well. Once showing them how to work it one time they have got the hang of it. They have printed papers for school from online and have scanned papers to send to their teachers. This is the easiest printer I have ever owned.

  4. Glorianna

    Great for a small home office.This printer would do really well for a small home office. It printed clear copies in record time. I was pleased with how fast it printed and with how sharp the pages looked. It not only printed well from things sent from my computer, but it also scanned copies on top and printed them. It was very easy to set-up and use. I definitely recommend this product.

  5. BridgetP

    Thank you Walmart, that’s why I love Walmart mostOh, this is the best product I have ever had. I don’t know how it will work in the future, but for this first time, it was amazing above expectations. with black ink is very clear, while color ink is beautifully colored. There is also a scan function. for $ 35. Oh my God. Thanks Walmart, I am very happy with this shopping. (box was torn when it arrived, but it doesn’t matter. machine inside is brand new)

  6. PigeonToady

    Great low budget printer!it’s a great printer for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a printer. Make sure you read the instructions carefully because it is an older model before Windows 10. It requires a special download that you must do but there is a video you can scan on the instructions to tell you what to do. Instructions are updated. Scans and goes to my computer well. Scans color photos well also. I will show you a video and some photos of that. If you do not know how to do downloads that require a couple of extra steps,Somebody that can do it for you then you might want to look for a plug and play model that is newer. If you can follow simple instructions, Then type in word for word “How to install MG 2500 printer By installing download manually” Into the YouTube search engine, you will see a video from a channel called Free printer support. It will show you step-by-step how to do this and you will know if this is something you can handle. If this helps you please market helpful. I would buy it again, and it’s great for kids to see how they can handle their first printer. Works very well.PS I cannot show you the video Where I scanned a photo to show you how good it was. The file is too big.

  7. Rich

    Great Basic Printer/ScannerThis unit was a great addition to my high schooler’s desktop computer.

    Setup was as easy as snapping in 2 (included) ink cartridges, plugging the printer into the wall and the (included) USB cable into an open port on the computer. Windows 10 recognized it immediately and loaded the appropriate drivers and he was printing a test page in less than 10 minutes.

    Now he is all set for the upcoming school year!

    1. I have found that Canon products are always great quality
    2. Easy setup, comes with all necessary cables and cartridges (many other brands make you buy USB cable separately)
    3. Crisp clear printing/scanning at good resolution
    4. Compact size and lightweight if you need mobility

    1. Like every other printer in this segment they make their money on ink

    If you are in the market for a quality compact printer/scanner the Canon PIXMA is a great choice. The ease of setup and portability set it apart from the competition!

  8. EagleNestMom

    Wired … Means No Wifi connectionI needed a second printer, and chose to review this one ….

    This one is wired … it has to be attached to your computer to work.

    I didn’t even think about thick about the fact that it was not wifi at all. Excellent choice if you prefer to be attached to your printer. A few years ago, all printers worked like this.

    So, my daughter is very tech savvy and she took it to hook it up ..

    She called Dad, who has hooked up hundreds of printers over the years as a computer guy ….

    Between them, they found a location and got it hooked up.

    But the girl uses a laptop exclusively ….

    She’s not thrilled about clearing her work space to hook up the printer to use it. So she’s not liking it.

    She has tried scanning with it … and can’t figure out where it goes.

    So, be ready to sit down and figure this one out.

    It has a lot of potential …. and it is very light and easy to move around.

  9. SeriousStuff

    Good valueThis printer does a lot for the money if you are satisfied with an Inkjet printer. So far it has performed well. I have not had it long enough to evaluate how long it can sit unused before the ink cartridges dry up and need to be replaced but if you use it regularly that should not be an issue but cost of ink cartridges could then become an issue.
    The good:
    1. It prints well in black and color. I tested printing standard black text on standard paper and also photos on glossy photo and they looked great considering it was from an inkjet printer, of course it is not as good as an actual photo though.
    2. Scan functionality worked well and allows you to scan to .png, .bmp, .xps, openxps, tiff and PDF. From 50 to 600 DPI.
    3. The copier is super simple. There are two start buttons black and color. Just set your document on the glass(there is no document feeder) and press the button for whichever color you want. It seemed to be pretty fast too.
    4. This is a pretty compact unit and is very light so it is very portable. Is it bigger than a breadbox you ask? The answer is NO!
    5 The driver is petty standard for the most part but does also include some tutorials for cleaning rollers plates and print heads and setting to automatically have the printer on and off as well as a setting for quiet mode (read below for more info)

    The not as good (not really bad enough to call “the bad”):
    1. It is kind of noisy as some ink jets can be while cleaning and prepping the print heads and feeding the paper. The driver does have a quiet mode which can be turned on all the time or during scheduled hours that you can define.There must be a drawback to using this setting or it would not be off by default.
    2. Set up was not too bad as long as you make sure you don’t connect it to the computer until you are supposed to however I found the instructions to be a little unclear at a couple points and ended up plugging it in too soon and had to start over. Being an ink jet printer it also has to go through the print head alignment process which is not difficult but is another step to get it ready to print.
    3. Just an FYI… in case you are wondering this is a manual duplexing unit only so if you need to print both sides of the paper you will need to carefully feed it through a second time making sure you orient it properly.

    So to sum up, if you are looking for a small all in one ink jet unit from a reputable company on a budget this one should perform well for light regular duty (as long as you are not using it while the baby is sleeping).

  10. LLeeS

    Decent little printerWhile it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, I think that this printer would be sufficient for most household needs. I included two pictures that shows what comes in the box since sometimes product details are vague. I did appreciate the ream of paper, as that was an unexpected addition. The only issue I had was setting it up with my MacBook. Since I don’t have a disc drive, I had to go to the Canon website to download the software, but unfortunately Canon’s site was having issues, and I could not. I was able to connect with another computer, and the printer works fine for my needs.

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