BISSELL Vacuums 3-in-1 Turbo Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner and Handheld, 2610 (Black)


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BISSELL Vacuums 3-in-1 Turbo lightweight corded stick vacuum gives you convenient and effective cleaning by quickly and easily converting into three different machines.

3-in-1 Turbo can be used as a lightweight and powerful stick vacuum for quick pickups of messes across multiple surfaces, including carpet, area rugs and hard floors. Then, with the swift convenience of the Quick Release Handle, the machine easily converts to a hand vacuum for cleaning above floor surfaces and upholstery, and keep the foot on the hand vacuum for cleaning stairs. This BISSELL Vacuums ultra-lightweight machine also only weighs in at less than 4 pounds. So, it’s easy to use and carry the home, and then easy to store when you’re done cleaning.

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BISSELL Vacuums 3-in-1 Turbo Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner and Handheld, 2610 (Black)

  • Three vacuums in one! Powerful motorized foot works to pick up dirt and debris, Quick Release
    Handle easily converts the stick vacuum into a hand vacuum, and leave the foot on the hand
    vacuum for convenient stair cleaning.
  • Weighing less than 4 lbs. – its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around your home.
  • Powerful suction works great for quick pickups on multiple surfaces, including carpet, bare floors,
    stairs and upholstery.
  • 15-foot power cord allows for whole-room cleaning without having to unplug every few feet.
  • Easy-wrap cord makes packing up and storing a breeze.

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10 reviews for BISSELL Vacuums 3-in-1 Turbo Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner and Handheld, 2610 (Black)

4.2 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. SeniorDiamond

    Small in size, big in power!This Bissell Turbo Stick Vacuum is small in size, but not in power. Love the slim-line size, which makes it much easier to use and maneuver. It does a good job picking up dirt and debris as well as my large vacuum cleaner. Really love that it has the detachable hand vac feature, which allows me to use easier in my vehicle. Great product. Love it!

  2. smulc54

    Great for everydayThis vacuum is small but very mighty.
    I am very used to using a cordless stick vacuum so this vacuum is definitely a adjustment for me to use.
    My pros are that it is very lightweight and simple. You can plug it in and clean up a mess very quickly and then empty the container super super easily. It worked well on my hardwood, a area rug, and even a outdoor rug that is covered with dirt and straw. Like stated before it is very simple. There is a on/off switch and the container that the dirt is collected. You can release the container then empty the dirt out so easy and quick.
    My only con is that it is corded. I love being able to take my vacuum anywhere I want with no cord restrictions and also I love not having to wrap the cord back up. If that is something you are okay with then this is a great small, simple vacuum for your needs.
    This is a great option for quick everyday clean ups but I would recommend something more heavy duty for when you are trying to do things like spring cleaning or deep cleaning.

  3. Sismyn

    Mighty power for a small machineThe Bissell 3-in-1 Turbo Vac has taken stick vacuums to a new level by adding the brush roller. I was impressed with the ease of vacuuming my tile kitchen and appalled at the dirt it picked up since I had just mopped the day before. The 3-in-1 Turbo can be used as a lightweight and powerful stick vacuum, a hand held vacuum with the foot attached for stairs and a hand held with removed foot for above floor surfaces, upholstery or drapes. The Bissell works amazingly well on hardwood floors and tile. It works well with some effort on throw rugs and very low pile carpeting. It does not do much for high pile carpet. It is conveniently lightweight (under 4 pounds) and easily taken apart for storage. Cleaning the filter is a breeze. You just remove the filter and shake it out. If you use your vacuum often you will eventually need to wash your filter by hand in warm water and mild dish detergent. Make sure it is completely rinsed and dried before reinstalling in your vacuum. The dirt tank pops off and can be easily emptied. I empty the tank after every use but it is so easy it is not an inconvenience. The added brush roll is a huge improvement to the stick vacuum. However, it does require extra work to keep it clean. You need to remove the floor nozzle from the unit and turn it over to remove any hair and dirt stuck in the roller. Do not take apart the foot pedal or remove the cover. This will ruin the appliance and invalidate the 1-year warranty. Since this Bissell seems to be better than any other stick vacuum in its class, I gave it a 5 star rating even though it I find it has 2 flaws. The cord is only 15ft long. If you are doing a room with furniture, there is not enough cord to go very far. I have to plug it into two separate outlets just to do my kitchen. I feel an added crevice tool would make this complete. You can not get in between cabinets or kitchen appliances. It wouldn’t take much to add one to a clip on the handle. I am using one from my older model and it works like a charm. I highly recommend this for quick cleanups and small spaces. Great job Bissell! This truly is a powerful little machine.

  4. BrightLight4

    Versatile lightweight vacuumI have fallen in love with the BISSELL 3-in-1 Turbo Stick Vacuum because it is such a versatile tool for lightweight cleaning. It is very lightweight and has a simple yet very versatile design. I can use it with the brush attachment as a vacuum for carpet or hard surfaces. The attachment comes off and I can use it to vacuum under the coach cushions or any other small space or use it with the handle still attached and you can get the dust up high. The vacuum is bagless but has a very helpful filter that can be easily cleaned and reused between vacuuming. I love how lightweight this unit is. I use it to vacuum my stairs, to vacuum my kitchen and tiled hallway, and for cleaning blinds and ceiling fans. It has been extremely helpful for smaller jobs where I don’t want to have to lug out the big vacuum or broom. The only downside to this unit is that the cord is only about ten or twelve feet long. If you are looking for a small lightweight vacuum to help you accomplish all kinds of simple cleaning jobs, then the BISSELL 3-in-1 Turbo Stick Vacuum is just right for you. I plan on using it in my camper this summer during camping season.

  5. Katherine

    Excellent for lightweight jobs-esp. bare floorsThis is a perfect solution for a quick clean-up for a small place. People, it’s a stick vacuum-dont expect it to do well on anything plush! It barely works on our very very thin pile throw rugs but is fantastic on bare floors. I personally love the option to take the beater section off and I have a hand vac with a long stick! That feature is awesome for reaching places your arm is just not long enough.
    The filter gets clogged quickly so I recommend keep a couple on hand so you can still use it while the cleaned filter dries.
    All in all we are very happy to have this. The beater bar does great in loosening up little particles in our very low pile carpets and the fact I don’t have to lug the big vacuum down all the time to spot clean downstairs was a huge selling points for us.

  6. bxbx

    Rotating brush is a plusWith several pets in the house I vacuum on a daily basis. However, the cat litter is a vacuum killer and I long gave up buying expensive vacs that quit sucking a year later. And cat litter is tricky, it seems to get staticky and then sticks to everything and refuses to get sucked up. And since I am busy, the vacuuming has to go fast, I don’t have the time to set up complex vacuuming systems or lug around a heavy appliance. I have tried stick vacuums in the past but the BISSELL® 3-in-1® Turbo lightweight corded stick vacuum is one of the better ones. The rotating brush means it is great on carpet. However, the cat litter is still a problem and since the brush cannot be turned off, only taken off (hence the 4 stars), this is a good alternative to my full-size vac. It’s lightweight (less than 4 pounds) and powerful for a stick vacuum and works on carpet, area-rugs, and hard floors. The vac easily converts to a hand vacuum for cleaning above floor surfaces and upholstery.
    For the cat litter I have to take off the foot.
    The power cord is long enough for the entire room, 15 feet long, and the cord can be wrapped so I don’t get trapped in it. The dirt cup is easy to access, and the filters can be washed, which is great because cat litter winds up as fine dust in any vacuum.
    All in all, this is a very nice stick vac with a bit of extra power, but not exactly THE solution for my cat litter vacuuming problem.

  7. Kyanajoon

    Very smooth for the wood floor.This Vacuum is very light for its power. It sweeps everything on the floor. I have a Persian rug which I hesitate to use powerful big vacuums and when I use something with less power it does not do the job. However, this vacuum has totally enough power to clean my Persian rug with no weight pressure. When I am using it on my rug is smoother moving back and harder when moving forward. For the wood floor it is perfect and very easy to clean with, great for my kitchen hardwood floor. It is very easy to convert it to a hand vacuum for my furniture.

  8. bettywit

    LightweightI just finished vacuuming my hard wood flooring with this new stick vacuum. I found that the plastic wheels were wonky,I had a hard time pushing the vacuum. The vacuum is lightweight but I find that it’s too light where the vacuum bottom meets the floor. This only has three parts to put together and no tools are needed everything just snaps together in seconds. The vacuum is not as loud as a regular vacuum. It does come with a One year warranty. Some of the features is a removable motorized floor nozzle, easily converts to a hand vacuum with quick release. The filter seems thin to me,it is washable and the dirt tank is washable. The vacuum does blow a lot of air out of it while your vacuuming. This works ok but I would not recommend it to friends and family.

  9. natasha

    Basically a power sweeperNothing to write home about. It’s pretty much a hand held vac with a handle and attachment at the bottom. The base with the spin brush is not motorized at all, the brush only spins from the force of the hand vac suction that its attached to. The collection cup is quite small, as are all handheld vacs. If you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum I would pass on this, it’s nit even close to a lightweight vacuume. If you’re in need of a power sweeper to suck up dust etc of hard surfaces, this will do that.

  10. BossLady87401

    Extremely Poor Design!I received this product free for my review. This is probably the
    Biggest Disappointment I have experienced. I know that
    Bissell promotes higher quality products but they truly
    dropped they ball on this Vacuum Stick!!!! It is so flimsy that
    it has no way to even remain stabble on the floor as you are
    vacuuming.The suction power is non existent!! I was Very
    Shocked that it would be on the market. I would like to say
    something positive but can’t. I would no recommend this
    vacuum to know one not even for a tiny camper.

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