Best Baby Gates Simple Pass Walk-Through Gate, Grey

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Now that baby is on the move, the Safety 1st Simple PassWalk-Through Gate makes it simple to create child-friendly areas within yourhome. For use between rooms, a walk-through Best Baby Gates makes it easy to get aroundthe house, with no need to reinstall it each time you pass by.

It’s also quick and easy to install. The visual redindicator lets you know if the gate is unlatched or unproperly pressurized. Andthe walk-through design makes it easy to get around the house, with no need toreinstall it each time you pass by.

Pressure-installed gates provide flexibility in usagearound the home. Wall cups stay installed to the wall while the gate can easilybe removed for periods of non-use. The gate is 28 inches high and can beadjusted from 29 to 38 inches for doorways of varying widths throughout yourhome.

The Best Baby Gates 1st Simple Pass Walk-Through Gate isn’t justfor kids either. It comes in handy when you’re trying to keep pets out ofcertain rooms as well.

Safety 1st believes parenting should have fewer worries and more joyful moments. As the first and only leader in child safety, Safety 1st is here to give you peace of mind so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying every first you experience with your child.

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Best Baby Gates Simple Pass Walk-Through Gate, Grey

  • Quick and easy install: Visual red indicator lets parent know gate is unlatched or unproperly pressurized
  • Pressure-installed gate is quick to set up and easy to take down when not in use
  • The two-action handle is tough for little fingers to release
  • Fits most doorways and works between rooms or at the bottom of the stairs
  • TO PREVENT FALLS, NEVER use pressure-installed Best Baby Gates at top of stairs
  • Includes four wall cups. Must install with wall cups to keep gate in place
  • Adjustability in width: up to 32” with main gate; up to 35” with one extension (included); up to 38” with two extensions (included)
  • 28″ high
  • JPMA certified and meets CPSC requirements
  • Perfect for children 6-24 months and great for pets too

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10 reviews for Best Baby Gates Simple Pass Walk-Through Gate, Grey

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  1. HilC

    Sturdy and Functional!I think I’ve had a total of 3 baby gates this being number 4 and I have to say this one is a stand out! It’s a simple design with adjustable sides and a lock that only opens if you use two fingers ( one to slide the top part and the bottom one to push). Now I do have to say I did try to set it up without reading the directions and I don’t recommend that at all lol. It took me a lot longer trying to figure it out in my own than to take ten minutes to read the directions. When I finally caved and read them it was simple and even though my husband helped me a bit I could have easily done it on my own. What I love about this baby gate is the fact you have the option to not screw it into the wall or to screw it if you want to. Also the the fact it’s made out of metal has been amazing at keeping it from bowing with the pressure you have to put on it to lock it securely on the walls. I did end up using the extensions to cover my stairs but if you have a regular door I don’t think that part is necessary. Once you got in in its IN. My toddler has tried his darned hardest to climb it and to topple it but so far so good! The metal makes it slippery so he struggles to get the grip he needs to pull himself over. As a plus it also kept my dog out of my upstairs office. If you are looking for a simple yet functional design this as as good as it gets!

  2. Dana1181

    A Necessity for Young KidsThe Safety 1st Simple Pass Walk-Through Gate is a well-made, sturdy gate that is simple to set up. I like that this gate can be used for a variety of needs. In our case, it’s for my young daughter’s room on the top of our stair landing. This gate is easy for parents to use, but also provides a locked security for the little ones. Definitely good for peace of mind. This gate would also be good for pets. I recommend!

  3. Princes26

    Attractive gate with extra featuresOverall, I do like this baby gate. I love the gray color that is modern and blends in with a lot of my decor. It was relatively easy to assemble, though it took a lot of hand strength to tighten the top. As I was assembling it, I realized I was missing the end cap that I had to put the extension piece into. However, I was still able to get the gate up and assembled, but I think if I were missing more than one end cap I would not be able to make it work. It was easy to make wider using the extension pieces (needed for the bottom of my stairway.) I wish that the pressure part was a bit higher up on the side of the gate because it’s butting up against the shoe molding on my walls and I’m not sure it will stay where it is. I didn’t screw the wall caps into the wall because I don’t think this one will permanently stay there because it’s just not tall enough to reliably keep my dogs down in the basement when visitors come through the front door. I’ll probably move it to my daughter’s bedroom. For the latch, I love the squeeze button that works with pushing the top button forward. It’s fairly easy to do (although neither of my kids can do it themselves) and I like that it’s labeled for guests. Guests are always confused by all the baby gates in my house. At least this one is self-explanatory. I also like that there is a pressure indicator so you know when it’s properly installed (I definitely would not have tightened it so much without one!) I do like that it has swing stops but they can fall down at inconvenient times when you’re trying to close the gate.

  4. lulabelle29

    Best one I’ve used so far and I have 3 kids!!Best one I’ve used so far and I’ve got 3 kids! My youngest two would tear down every other gate I ever tried! Wood or plastic it didn’t matter! They would rock it back and forth until it came down! This one has measures in place to make sure your children can’t rock it to tear it out of the doorway! So much safer and way more secure! Even for holding in your doggies which is what we’ll use this for when the kids don’t need it anymore! And it’s fairly easy to assemble!! Highly recommended to keep your babies safe and inside!!

  5. Mommyboo

    Very sturdy!!This gate was quick and easy to install as per instructions, it is a durable gate; we are using it to keep our little ones and dogs from getting in areas we do not want them to go. It is the perfect size for the area we are using it for and can be adjusted up to 38″. We did not have to drill any holes to install it. It has a green line that indicates when the gate is latched and a red that indicates when it’s unlatched; we are very happy with this gate as it is very sturdy and can swing open in either direction. The color is nice, it matches well with the wall and will match with most colors. If you are looking for a good little gate, this one will not disappoint you.

  6. Bc4933

    Easy and SturdyIf you children then you probably need a baby gate. I run an in home daycare so I have several to help keep them out of rooms they aren’t supposed to be in and also to keep my family dog away from the kids during nap time and when they are eating. This is super easy to install and very sturdy. The open latch is strong enough a child will not be able or have a difficult time opening but easy enough with a little strength for an adult to open. I am using mine in my basement to keep the little ones out of my pantry/supply room while they are using the toy room down there. I keep their snacks in there so the little gremlins like to sneak in there and grab granola bars or pudding cups before snack time. This is a nice gate that does its job.

  7. Miranda

    Great baby gate!We have used a lot of babies gates in our stages with babies and this is one of the best. It’s so funny the reason I give it 4 stars is because it’s so hard to get into!! Which in reality is probably great! Lol.
    It’s probably a gate that I will have to get use to for a while. My 6 year old has a heck of a time with it.
    I love the color, the sleek grey looks so nice compared to all the white gates. Very easy to customize and put together. Love this gate! Best part is baby can’t open it!!
    Also it’s not going anywhere, you’re screwing it into the wall. It’s not falling down!

  8. cccppp3

    Very SturdyThis baby gate is very well made and sturdy. The latch is well designed and fairly easy to use for an adult. The gate opens freely and can be adjusted to open only one direction.
    The only thing I can didn’t like was that it was somewhat difficult to install. The instructions were easy to follow, however you need a lot of hand strength to be able to tighten the bolts enough. It is designed to fit VERY snugly. I would not recommend installing against drywall as it will probably poke a hole in it from the required pressure to install it correctly. A wooden door frame is ideal.

  9. Kaybee

    Stays in placeI have a 3 year old who likes to run around. We don’t like to keep the basement door closed all the time because we want fresh air to flow down there. This was a great solution to keeping her from going down there when we don’t want her to. My kid is about 40in tall but she wouldn’t be able to open this herself. My husband is 6’5 about 240lbs and walks through the opening just fine. The instructions were easy for the most part, I measured the doorway first to figure out what instruction path to follow. The hardest part was twisting the little pressure bumpers tight enough to get the green indicator to show up. Once we figured that out, it was on there pretty good. I also used a couple of wall nannys that I had, so that I wouldn’t have to twist as much and it would have more stability. I feel like this helped secure it to the wall too without having to screw anything in or use adhesive. I like the gray, it’s a neutral color. It comes with the pieces to be able to extend as far as 38in wide. I had to get used to the locking/unlocking mechanism, I’ve had easier, but it’s not terrible. Once you get used to it, you could probably use one hand to open. I like the little swing stops at the bottom, they are optional but I usually have one side down. I definitely recommend.

  10. Anonymous

    Not as Simple as ExpectedI really wanted to love this gate. I actually have been on the market seeking a walk-through gate that I really could depend on. I own another set of Safety1st gates but it is very difficult to open at times and jumping over it gets frustrating.

    This was it, at least I thought. I thought the bumpers included would be enough and cause the tightness needed to prevent from the kiddos to push through it. Well, I’m currently renting this unit and we would need to drill this into the wall.

    Unfortunately, right now we cannot do such a thing in this unit. I misunderstood, wasn’t aware that the install of nails would be required. Believed this would be similar to our previous owned ones that didn’t require this.

    My friend just had twins of her own so I will most likely will give to her for her use. I wanted this badly but doesn’t fit in with our current circumstances.

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