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Baby Gates Child Safety is a protective barrier designed to prevent babies and toddlers from accessing areas of a home that may not be safe for them, such as stairways and kitchens.

Baby gates are typically constructed of metal, plastic and/or wood, and can be expanded to fit in a range of doorway widths. And you can use it, for pets also.

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 Baby Gates Child Safety Summer Infant Home Safe Classic Home Gate

Keep baby safe in style with the Baby Gates Child Safety.

Baby Gates Child Safety brings timeless décor to any homeetal  with its white  wood finish .

This gate features a low threshold to minimize trip hazard and an easy open handle for convenience .

It can easily be installed in between rooms, doorways, and top of stairs.

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Walk-Through, Hold-Open, Auto-Close




white and brown






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10 reviews for Baby Gates Child Safety Summer Infant Home Safe Classic Home Gate

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  1. prem

    Aweaome doorAwesome door for our baby.. It is very sturdy, safe and very easy to install .. Thanks a lot!!

  2. nes

    nice quality.I rate this as 5 stars coz I got it so cheap 24.99 each.
    I ordered 2, when delivered I called walamrt cs coz I tot its defective coz of door slacth. then i called the manufacturer of the product telling I rcvd defective one. then customer service explained to me that’s how is it and will perfectly attach the slacth once I put it or assemble it. so I did and perfectly fine. so far I like it. easy to assemble. quality is good.

  3. Fergusonxx4

    Summer Infant Baby GateI bought this gate to go between the kitchen and the hallway. We don’t want the little one having access to the basement stairs so this gate is perfect and is stationary. Meaning it can stay put and it won’t be a hassle. We also don’t have to drill holes in the wall which is a plus. Perfect baby gate. Two thumbs up!

  4. Sammy

    BAD paint job, tempremental latch, great gate tho!The latch system is a big tricky. You have to move the bottom latch around with your foot to get it to stick. There were several spots on the gate that looked like they didn’t even attempt to paint. Mostly around the bars in the middle of the gate and sadly smack dab in the middle of the top. It gives it a cheap look when it isn’t painted right.

  5. ShaqnJaz

    Sturdy gate yet hard to openSturdy gate however opening the door take quite bit of elbow grease per say. The bottom latch seems to get “stuck” so in order to open you have press the top slide latch and while forcefully pulling up on the door to dislodge it from the bottom latch. Certainly not a kid friendly gate to open, so guess the intent is there. However my elderly parents also live with me and aren’t able to apply the strength needed to open the gate. I ordered 2. Will return one back for an easier adult friendly gate.

  6. Sheila

    Attractive but not functionalWe are on our fourth child and needed to install baby gates at our new home… So we have installed mini baby gates in our day. At first this gate seem very straightforward, but after several hours and in numerable attempts at leveling/straightening, tightening/loosening we were still unable to get the gate to auto close properly. Part of the reason why we chose this gate was for the automatic close feature. While the gate was a bit cumbersome to open we could have overlooked that, but when the gate swings closed automatically it does not latch. Again, we took the gate in and out so many times, sat there with a level messing around with it and cannot get the auto close feature to fully function and latch. I found it interesting that when I watch the summer infant videos on this gate the adults close the gate by hand. I must have missed this before purchasing the gate.

    Another downside with this gate is that it never felt super secure where we attached the extension piece. We were able to tug on it and get it to move quite a bit. Our stair width was right in between the widths for using one extension piece versus both extension pieces. When using both extension pieces the gate would not fit in our opening. And with one extension piece the gaps on the side were barely within the maximum 3.75 inches allowed. Maybe this caused some of the stability issues, but given the provided extension pieces we did not have a better option.

    Though the gate is attractive and has a nice low threshold to walk over, we will be returning the gate because it does not auto close and latch.

  7. Laceface26

    It looks good, but ultimately useless. Impossible to stay properly latched. The extensions are super wobbly and unstable. Bought for an entry doorway, but the extensions were so unstable that I had to move it to a different doorway so I wouldn’t need extensions.

  8. A

    wood slats break offBought this in April when it was on sale for $24.99. One of the wood slats is already broken off from my 18 month old because he likes to stand on it when we leave the room, and it’s only January 2. The wood snapped at the bottom and top so it’s not even fixable.

  9. N

    👎ðŸ»This gate has two extensions and does not fit a standard doorway or stairway with or without any of the extensions?I did get it up in the hallway doorway which I didn’t need it there just to see if it fit anything and once I did I couldn’t get the gate door open at all ?

  10. Victoria

    My 3 year old can get this gate open easily. You should have to slide the button on the top and lift the gate but if he slides the button and pushes against the gate it pops open. Really disappointed.

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